Knowledge of­ long life

Ayurveda is the mother of healing arts! She precedes all approaches of holistic medicine and has influenced them directly.

I received my basic training in courses of the German Academy for Ayurveda (ayurveda.de) and participated a training in India.

Please note that my complementary medical training is not recognised by insurers in Switzerland.

Ayurveda means living in harmony with the forces of nature.

Humankind as part of the whole finds himself embedded in a harmonious web of life-prolonging measures that extend to all areas of life such as Ayurvedic agriculture, architecture, music, language and other areas.

Ayurveda is not invented, but explains the existing laws according to which the universe lives.

Ayurveda means living in harmony with the forces of nature, that is, living with creative energy. Plants and animals obey these forces.

In a certain sense we do, too, but through the effect of the mind we are very far away from nature and its rhythm. We have arranged our life according to the insight of the intellect and mind.

Thus the separation from nature and its supporting effect took place, so that physical and mental illnesses are often the result.

Das Schicksal liegt in den Händen der Frauen. Die Frau ist Schöpfer. Sie hat Schönheit, Charme, Anmut und Weisheit. Ihre Hand liegt in der Hand Gottes. —Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Living healthily—not only by medicine

The Ayurveda does not treat diseases but the humans. It starts at the cause of the disease. We gain the knowledge about it from the qualities of the pulse, from the dynamic energy of the constitution.

Pulse diagnosis

Feel the imbalance in your pulse and find the cure.

All principles of life can be derived from a holistic system. The pulse is therefore an information carrier of the of the whole organism. It is a level on which disturbances in the way of thinking, in the mental and physical area and makeup of the «human being» are relfected.

The practitioner may experience imbalances in the doshas, the subdoshas, and in the tissue palpation long before diseases develop and harmonization measures are initiated.

We work with herbal supplements, rejuvenators, cleansing and purification, body exercises (yoga) and mental techniques.

Medicine without side effects

Medicine without side effects&mdasg;not destroying&mdasg;always building up

In Ayurveda there are concepts for the development and therapy of cancer and chronic illnesses, which can also be taken in addition to orthodox medical therapy:
For all diseases of the musculoskeletal system, insidious diseases of the nervous system, excessive cholesterol, neurodermatitis, allergies, gastrointestinal disorders, cancer.

Ayurveda especially for women

Ayurveda has always had a special area for women, which sees itself as a uniform female anatomy. This includes not only the physical body, but also emotions, thoughts and mind.

It deals with the roots of female problems. It rejects the idea that pain and dysharmonia are normal for women.

For me as a gynaecologist, Ayurveda offers the most fascinating area in the care of pregnant women, women who have recently given birth and children. The pregnancy and its course are re-exposed from the point of view of Ayurveda.

It says that the most important prerequisite for a naturally healthy pregnancy and birth is to be healthy before the pregnancy, because the mother's condition influences the child's development.