Accentuate naturalness of pregnancy.

Pregnancy counselling

Pregnancy counselling is first and foremost an accompaniment of father, mother and child. Nevertheless, in the joy of the baby almost always mixes also a little insecurity: «How will I carry the coming load? How will the birth be? What will come to us in the next stage of life?»

Also here: The better the preparation, the happier the time of pregnancy, easier the birth and more harmonious the puerperium.

A speciality of our practice is the application of bioidentical hormones on a plant-based basis. Prerequisites for this are regular check-ups and control of laboratory parameters for a given indication.

Traceable documentation of examination results

I attach great importance to the comprehensible documentation of all examination results and hand over the pregnancy documentation to my patients. This facilitates good cooperation with other doctors who treat the pregnant woman and the midwives who take care of her. The pregnant woman herself also likes to see her baby pictures and findings in order to know about herself and to show them to her friends and husband. If you tell us your e-mail address, we will gladly send you selected ultrasound images of your baby.

The results of the examinations should underpin the confidence in the natural healthy development of the child. Basically, however, every patient has the right to not know.

The father of the child is cordially invited to the practice for pregnancy counselling.

My experience

Due to my many years of work in the birth hall of the clinic, I am always up to date in obstetrics.

During the birth, the assistance of the husband, mother or other close companion is always welcome.