For self-confident women who insist on advanced testing methods and devices and prefer gentle naturopathic therapy concepts for body and mind.

The art and challenge is to restore balance.

Healing is not only a method of therapy and a medicine, but it is essentially determined by the nature of the physician.

Diseases mostly arise from slagging and faulty adaptation reactions of the organism to changed internal and external situations.

Through special natural treatment it is possible to bring pathologically changed functions into order as well as to stabilize them permanently. This treatment is preferred by patients especially for complicated problems such as

  • sterility
  • menstrual dysfunction
  • inflammatory diseases
  • bladder and kidney diseases
  • and gestosis.

But also in diseases of the nervous and blood vessel systems, gastrointestinal diseases and diseases of the liver and lungs, there are possibilities to achieve lasting success with naturopathic measures.

Increasingly noticeable in women, is the association with premature exhaustion; often associated with

  • depressive mood
  • anemia and
  • iron deficiency.

In some cases, these symptoms burden the women even before the blood count becomes abnormal. We offer you diagnostics and therapy.

Particularly noteworthy are Ayurvedic iron compositions made from biological iron, which simultaneously promote absorption into the body and metabolism.

Women's pension & gynaecological examination

The "Zytotest" / Thin-Prep-Pap-Test is used during the annual screening for cervical cancer

The ultrasound examination of the abdomen is used for findings requiring clarification that cause discomfort or are noticeable during the examination.

A specialty of our practice is the application of bioidentical hormones on a plant-based basis during menopause. This and other therapy options, e.g.ayurvedic, are used for therapy with menopausal symptoms. Prerequisites for this are regular check-ups and control of laboratory parameters for a given indication.

Advanced breast diagnostics

For the detection of undetected tumors by palpation and chest ultrasound.

The Doppler ultrasound imaging of the vascular course provides additional indications of benign or malignant findings. I benefit from many years of experience in the independent execution and evaluation of mammography.

Due to my many years of experience in evaluating mammography images, ​ as well as my good training as a sonographer, I am able to acquire a complex and profound image of the tissue giving the patient and me confidence in the assessment of structural disorders in the breast.

Individual contraception

For typical gynaecological diseases such as bleeding disorders, inflammations, fibroids, endometriosis, cysts of the breast or in the lower abdomen, menopausal complaints, the preparations of Ayurvedic medicine are also available to me. The changeover phases in a woman's life do not always have to be managed with additional hormone administration. To me as doctor, woman and mother it is important to sense and observe the individuality of women in change through time

  • in the specific life situation
  • according to their needs and their insight
  • on the basis of solid training in orthodox medicine
  • with the experience of many years of professional practice
  • an eye for the big (natural) picture.